Procurement Services

December 2016

Ergonomic Desks:

Procurement Services has worked with both CDW and Office Depot to make Ergotron desks available through each company's iProcurement Store. Each vendor can provide different models with various capabilities; determination of a product can be made at the department level, and both vendors are acceptable. Departments purchasing larger quantities are encouraged to contact Jon Westhoff as we may be able to obtain additional discounts, based on volume, with either vendor.

iProcurement Update:

As indicated in the chart below, usage of Oracle iProcurement has increased drastically since implementation. Current vendors available on the iProcurement store site include Office Depot (office supplies), Dell (computer hardware) and CDW-G (IT peripherals). We have completed negotiations for suppliers in four new categories including scientific supplies (Fisher & VWR), maintenance, repairs and operations (Grainger, Crescent Electric, Tri-Dim & PSC ) and janitorial supplies (Supply Works) and the procurement team is working to add these vendors, when possible, to iProcurement.

iProcurement Spend Graphs

The use of iProcurement is a key element of UNI's procurement strategy since detailed order information is retained in the process. This information can be used to improve negotiated discounts, enhance service, monitor contract compliance, and demonstrate to competitors the value of our contracts. This leverage is enhanced because we have partnered with the other Regent Universities on these contracts.

Toner Scam Update

In last month's issue, Procurement Services reported on a toner scam. Additional information indicates Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against 3 related businesses located in Orange County, California. Procurement Services reviewed UNI's historic spend since 2013 and we are happy to report that we have not recorded any transactions with these fraudulent companies. Attorney General Miller's link has additional information and recommended precautions regarding this case.

IT Purchases:

Ben Arnold, Director, IT-Client Services, gave a presentation, which is available by clicking on this link, during the Nov. 7th, 2016 BPUG meeting. Ben emphasized the importance of talking with IT staff prior to any technology purchase and he reviewed the procurement process once a decision to buy is finalized.

How to Process a Credit in iProcurement:

Occasionally an order needs to be returned to a vendor due to a variety of reasons, including damage in transit, incorrect shipment, or many other reasons resulting in a return. The following process should be followed when an order, or partial order needs to be returned or replaced:

  1. When the shipment is physically received it should also be received in iProcurement. If the item is on the invoice or packing slip it needs to be received in iProcurement.
  2. If an item is missing, damaged, or a mistake occurred please contact the supplier immediately. Please visit the Procurement Services Contracts Page for the supplier's customer service contact information.
  3. Each supplier has different terms and processes on how to fix issues, sometimes the item is just replaced. If a supplier issues a credit, the item should be “returned” in iProcurement Receiving and an email sent to the buyer. If a credit is issued the item will need to be reordered if it is still required.

Additional questions should be directed to the assigned buyer or a member of our Procurement Services Team for assistance.

Please visit our contracts page or website for additional information.