Procurement Services

February 2018

Don't Know Who to Contact in Procurement Services?

Procurement Services has set up a new departmental email, Send an email to this address and the appropriate member of our team will reach out to you.

The Processing of Requisitions and the Purchasing Hierarchy:

When you create a requisition (order) in iProcurement the requisition is subject to an approval process based on approval limits and the purchasing hierarchy. Procurement Services is responsible for maintaining the purchasing hierarchy and we are always willing to provide information regarding your current set-up and work with departments to make appropriate changes. If you have questions regarding the hierarchy please contact James Tanzosch​.

Disposal of Microfilm

The shred bins provided from The Shredder (as well as old bins from On Site or other vendors) are not the proper location to dispose of microfilm. To properly dispose of microfilm it needs to be handled separately from the paper in the bins. If you have questions on the disposal please contact Jon Westhoff.