Procurement Services

October 2016

What Are We Doing?

With iProcurement, and other initiatives, UNI is able to track our purchases and leverage this information to obtain better pricing. We are hoping to help UNI achieve its goals by providing goods and services in an efficient and cost-effective matter. We know this journey can be difficult for the end user so we are providing this newsletter to make you aware of changes. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Procurement Services team with any questions.

Help Us Sign Up Suppliers for Direct Deposit ACH Payments:

Procurement Services and the Office of Business Operations is asking the UNI community for help in our continued effort to sign suppliers up for Direct Deposit ACH payments. An ACH payment has many benefits over a traditional check; it requires less processing, it is better for the environment, and the payment is received much quicker. Please direct the supplier to these Direct Deposit Instructions which include a link to download the required form.

Direct Deposit for Employees:

Many employees have signed up to receive their paychecks by Direct Deposit. For quicker reimbursements for your travel expenses and other reimbursable expenses you can also take advantage of Direct Deposit. Sign-Up link to learn how.

The Processing of Requisitions and the Purchasing Hierarchy:

When you create a requisition (order) in iProcurement the requisition is subject to an approval process based on approval limits and the purchasing hierarchy. Procurement Services is responsible for maintaining the purchasing hierarchy. If you have questions regarding the hierarchy please contact James Tanzosch.

Tips for Setting Up Account “Favorites” in iProcurement:

The iProcurement Preferences Training Guide is available to assist users with the creation of favorites. Favorites can be nicknamed and saved for future purchases and their use will help avoid the need for a correcting journal entry when the wrong object code, or account number, is used. For additional questions on setting up favorites in iProcurement please contact Jon Westhoff.

For questions related to object codes please contact Mindy Schlader in Accounts Payable at 319 273-2212.

Travel Bid:

The University of Northern Iowa is working with the Regent Universities on a combined bid for travel services. Please contact James Tanzosch or Jon Westhoffif your department has any unique travel requirements that could be incorporated into a travel bid.

Bus Charter:

The University of Northern Iowa has an exclusive agreement with Windstar Lines to provide charter bus service for all departments at UNI. A 10% discount is available and a UNI wrapped bus is available on a first come first serve basis. For questions regarding this contract please contact Jon Westhoff.


Departments looking to purchase computers should use the 'Dell Store' located in iProcurement. Procurement Services and IT negotiated a contract with Dell for standard computer configurations to be used on campus. If a department needs to purchase a computer not listed in the 'Dell Store' in iProcurement, including Applecomputers, they will need to contact the IT Service Hub. Please contact Molly Ungs with additional questions.

Computer Peripherals:

All computer peripherals should be purchased through CDW-G by utilizing the 'CDW-G store' located in iProcurement. Departments should not be using their Procurement Card to purchase. Please contact Molly Ungs (273-6448) with additional questions.

Notification in Ebiz - Confirm Receipt of Order:

The “Confirm Receipt of Order” message is a weekly notification to remind users they have a PO to receive against. Timely receipt of invoices allows suppliers to be paid more promptly. The notification is determined by the “need by date” entered when the requisition is completed. If you receive a notification to “Confirm Receipt of Order” and you have received the items, click “Receive”. If you have not physically received the items, check the box “Not Received” and the workflow will be routed to a buyer for analysis. In some situations you might have had to return an item or only received part of the order. In these cases you should check the box “Not Received” and this will help alert the buyer of a pending issue. If you are unsure or have questions, contact Jon Westhoff.

Please visit our contracts page or website for additional information.