Procurement Services

Requisitions & Purchase Orders

A Purchase Requisition is a request from a department to procure goods or services, stating the quantity and description in order to generate a Purchase Order. The Purchase Requisition authorizes Purchasing Services to reserve departmental funds for goods or services. As a general guideline, requests for the purchase of goods or services over $5000 shall be submitted on an electronic department requisition. Electronically-submitted department requisitions generate the Purchase Order process. A Purchase Order issued by a Purchasing Agent is the preferred method of purchase for items with a value of $5000 or more.

A Purchase Order is a document issued to a supplier by a purchasing agent confirming an agreement for the supply of goods or services, such as materials, parts, supplies, equipment, repairs, and consultant services. A PO is issued by a purchasing agent upon receipt of an approved requisition (via Oracle) from a requesting unit, submission of documentation that supports the purchase request, and subsequent approval of the proposed purchase consistent with University purchasing policy.