Procurement Services

September 2016

Have you heard? The Purchasing team has moved to Lang Hall 122, we are now part of the office of the Sr. VP for Finance and Operations and are called Procurement Services!

The Procurement Services team, consisting of James Tanzsoch, Molly Ungs and Jon Westhoff, has been busy this summer working to improve and streamline purchasing processes for campus. New contracts have been negotiated, iProcurement is now implemented, and even more contracts will be available this fall. To help inform you of news and changes this newsletter will be sent out monthly. If you have any questions regarding Procurement Services, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

New Notification in Ebiz- Confirm Receipt of Order: This weekly notification is to remind users they have a PO to receive against. Timely receipt of invoices allows suppliers to be paid more promptly. The notification is determined by the “need by date” entered when the requisition is completed. If you receive a notification to “Confirm Receipt of Order” and you have received the items, click “Receive”. If you have not physically received the items, check the box “Not Received” and the workflow will be routed to a buyer for analysis. If you are unsure or have questions, contact Jon Westhoff at 273-6246.

UNI Purchasing User: This responsibility in eBiz is required to access iProcurement. To obtain responsibility please utilize the Security Request System (SRS) in MYUNIverse. If you have problems please contact James Tanzosch at 273-5811.

Commodities available in iProcurement

Must be purchased using iProcurement. Increase in your credit card limit not needed.

Office Supplies: Office Depot was awarded the Regents contract for office supplies. Please contact Jon Westhoff (273-6246) with additional questions.

Computers: Departments looking to purchase computers should utilize the ‘Dell Store’ located in iProcurement. Procurement Services and ITS negotiated a contract with Dell for standard computer configurations to be used on campus. If a department needs to purchase a computer not listed in the ‘Dell Store’ in iProcurement, including Apple computers, they will need to contact the IT Service Hub. Please contact Molly Ungs (273-6448) with additional questions.

Computer Peripherals: All computer peripherals should be purchased through CDW-G by utilizing the ‘CDW-G store’ located in iProcurement. Departments should not be using their Procurement Card to purchase. Please contact Molly Ungs (273-6448) with additional questions.

Please visit our website at Procurement Services for additional information.