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Supplier Information FAQ

The most recent Supplier Information Form was completed in 2009 and includes the ability for direct deposit for supplier payments. Please make sure the most recent form is given to all suppliers so they have the opportunity to sign up for direct deposit as an efficient and sustainable payment method. If you are aware of current suppliers that are interested in direct deposit, please have the supplier complete a new form. For those suppliers that are providing banking information, please make sure they fax or mail the form directly to OBO at the address provided on the form. A Supplier Information Form with banking information should not be emailed as email is not considered a secure method for transmitting sensitive information.  

Who needs to complete the Supplier Information Form?

A Supplier Information Form should be completed by any supplier that is seeking payment from the University, including individuals or companies seeking reimbursement for travel expenses. A new Supplier Information Form is required if there is a change in the name of the supplier confirming that there is no change in FEIN and/or organizational type.


  • Refunds: Refunding money to a person or company does not require a Supplier Information Form. Entering the supplier information on the Request for Payment (RFP) is sufficient. Please make sure to include the full legal name and correct address. A refund is defined as returning money previously received as a payment.
    • Please note that when a supplier is setup as a REFUND ONLY supplier, the site is identified as REFUND. If payment is needed to a supplier with only a REFUND site, for something other than a refund, the supplier will be required to complete a Supplier Information Form before payment will be made.
  • Current Suppliers: Suppliers that are setup in the Oracle system do not need to complete a new Supplier Information Form unless there has been a change in their organizational type or they would like to provide banking information. Please note in prior years there was a time when we did not require suppliers to complete the Supplier Information Form if they were only getting reimbursed for travel. In those instances the supplier was set up with a TRAVEL site. If you need to make a payment to a supplier with a TRAVEL site only, the supplier will be required to complete a Supplier Information Form before payment will be made.
  • Address Changes: Suppliers are not required to fill out a new Supplier Information Form for an address change or the addition of a new address site. If a new address needs to be added to a current Oracle supplier the information can be provided to the Supplier Entry Team/Business Operations in a variety of methods; an invoice with the new address, forward an email request clearly identified as coming from the supplier, or clearly indicate an address change on a RFP with appropriate supporting documentation. This list is not all inclusive, but keep in mind that some type of documentation provided by the supplier is required.


Is a W-9 an acceptable alternative to the Supplier Information Form?

A W-9 is an acceptable alternative to a Supplier Information Form; however, it is not the first choice of the University due to the reasons identified below.

  • The supplier is not able to provide direct deposit information and receive their payment in the most efficient and sustainable manner.
  • The supplier is not able to provide information such as their payment terms.
  • The supplier is not able to provide the University information regarding the types of goods/services offered, which may exclude them from possible future bid opportunities.
  • The W-9 does not identify potential Conflict of Interest suppliers as required by Iowa Code and Board of Regent Policy.


When does a student need to complete a Supplier Information Form?

Currently, students are not carried over from the SIS system to the Accounts Payable system.  If a student isn't set up as a supplier, they need to complete a Supplier Setup Form


What form should be completed by a foreign person or company?

Foreign individuals or companies will likely need to complete a W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding. A link to this form is included below. This form must be an original completed by the supplier. If the supplier must fax in the form to complete payment timely, the original must be sent to the Supplier Entry Team/Office of Business Operations within 90 days for the form to be valid. This form provides OBO the necessary information to determine if tax treaties are available that may reduce the taxability of certain payments.


When is the best time for a supplier to complete their form?

It is most beneficial for the form to be completed at the time it's determined to acquire goods or services from the individual or company. The form should be submitted to the Supplier Entry Team/Office of Business Operations as soon as it is complete, even if payment is not expected for a period of time. The form may be completed on the computer or by hand, but must be signed by an authorized individual of the supplier.

Please contact the Supplier Entry Team/Business Operations with any questions.

Supplier Entry Team/Business Operations
103 Gilchrist Hall
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0008
Phone: (319) 273-2162 or (319) 273-6246
Fax: (319) 273-3009