Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Computer and Technology Purchases

Departments looking to purchase computers should use the Dell Store located in iProcurement. All available standard configurations listed have been pre-approved by ITS and will require no additional review. If a department needs to purchase a computer not listed in the "Dell Store", including Apple computers, a request should be submitted to ITS using the Service Hub.

Peripheral computer equipment, including small printers, should be purchased from the CDW store located in iProcurement. 

Multifunctional Printers (Copy Machines) should be purchased from Access Systems. Procurement, ITS and Access Systems are working on a standard group of machines to meet the needs of UNI.

When considering a technology purchase, including software purchases, ITS should be involved at the beginning of the decision process, using the Service Hub. Ben Arnold, Director of IT Client Services, presented this process at the 2016 Fall BPUG meeting. All Technology purchases should be made using the requisition process by creating a non-catalog request in iProcurement.

For additional questions or information please contact Molly Ungs at x319 273-6448.

Travel Management

The University of Northern Iowa has partnered with Direct Travel and Short's Travel Management (STM) to provide UNI travelers with convenient, online booking tools for all your travel arrangement needs. All non-athletic travel will use the Direct Travel Etta booking tool. Athletics travel will continue to use the STM Portal.

Please note the following with the academic travel transition to Direct Travel:

  • Existing travel profiles, including prefernces, unused tickets, etc. will be transferred to Direct Travel
  • No change to existing customer support phone numbers: (877-503-0017)
  • There is a new agent support email address:
  • New Direct Travel Itineraries (Direct2U)
  • Travel arrangements for non-UNI guests will need to be booked through a travel agent rather than through the online booking tool or guest travelers can book their own arrangments and seek reimbursement (requires a TEV submission in ProTrav).


We value our role at the university and our position in the community. Our mission is to support the goals and diversity of the university in education, research and public service - by procuring quality goods and services at competitive prices, and by providing responsive and responsible service to all university departments.

We hope to achieve our mission through excellence in customer service, convenient access to responsible suppliers, timely processing of orders and payments, continuous upgrades to systems and processes, and compliance with policies of the Board of Regents and the Code of Iowa.

We respect the tradition of academic excellence by encouraging continuing education and professional development of our staff.

We strive to create and provide a work environment of equality and opportunity by maintaining positive and trusting relationships with our suppliers.

The University is committed to socially and environmentally responsible purchasing consistent with the values in our strategic plan. We expect high quality in the products, services and business practices of all business partners. This commitment enjoys broad support on campus.

We subscribe to the Code of Ethics of  the National Association of Educational Procurement.

Procurement Standards

The University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Procurement Services implemented Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards effective July 1, 2018 for all purchases using federal funds. UNI has received authorization from the US Office of Grants and Acquisition Policy and Accountability to retain a micro-purchase threshold at $50,000 which is in accordance to University Guidelines and Procedures