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Canceling Requisitions


Canceling Requisitions

If a requisition is in any status other than Incomplete, it can be canceled provided none of the requisition lines have a purchase order created. When a purchase order has been created against a requisition the entire requisition can not be canceled, but an individual requisition line may be canceled.

Once a requisition or line is canceled, it can still be viewed in Oracle, but it will have the status “Canceled”.

ORACLE E-Business Suite

Step 1:

Log into ORACLE E-Business Suite.

 Purchasing User to iProcurement

Step 2:

On the Home Page, in the Main Menu, click UNI Purchasing User. Within that folder, click iProcurement Home Page.

(NOTE : this should take you into ORACLE iProcurement.)

Requisitions Tab  

Step 3:

In ORACLE iProcurement, click on the Requisitions tab at the top.

Requisition Search Page

Step 4:

By clicking Search on the right hand side, you will be directed to a new page where you can lookup an exact requisition number, or filter your search. Click Go.

Cancel Entire Requisition  

Step 5:

If you wish to cancel an entire requisition, verify that it meets the criteria at the top.

To cancel the entire requisition, select the requisition, and click Cancel Requisition at the top. From there, click Cancel Entire Requisition and Submit.

Cancel one line of the requisition.  

Step 6:

If you wish to only cancel one line of the requisition, select the requisition, and click Cancel Requisition at the top.

This will open a new page with each line of the requisition. Select which line you would like to cancel, and provide a reason. Click Continue in the bottom right corner.

Confirmation of Cancelation

Step 7:

After canceling an entire requisition or canceling a line of a requisition, you will receive a confirmation at the top of your page.

If you have any questions about canceling requisitions please contact the procurement services team at or by phone at 319-273-2311.