Procurement Services

November 2016

How to Process a Credit in iProcurement:

Occasionally an order needs to be returned to a vendor due to a variety of reasons, including damage in transit, incorrect shipment, or many other reasons resulting in a return. The following process should be followed when an order, or partial order needs to be returned or replaced:

  1. When the shipment is physically received it should also be received in iProcurement. If the item is on the invoice or packing slip it needs to be received in iProcurement.
  2. If an item is missing, damaged, or a mistake occurred please contact the supplier immediately. Please visit the Procurement Services Contracts Page for the supplier's customer service contact information.
  3. Each supplier has different terms and processes on how to fix issues, sometimes the item is just replaced. If a supplier issues a credit, the item should be “returned” in iProcurement Receiving and an email sent to the buyer. If a credit is issued the item will need to be reordered if it is still required.

Additional questions should be directed to the assigned buyer or a member of our Procurement Services Team for assistance.

Pepsi Contract Reminder:

UNI has an exclusive beverage agreement with Pepsi. This means competitive beverage products (including water and juice) cannot be sold or purchased for UNI sponsored activities and events (regardless if they are on­campus and off­campus). All beverage products can ONLY be purchased from PepsiCo directly, or from DOR. Purchasing products from Hy­Vee, Wal­Mart, etc. is not allowed. For events held outside the Cedar Valley area please contact Molly Ungs for options of how to purchase Pepsi and Pepsi­ related products. For more information please read the Pepsi FAQ’s on the Procurement Services website or contact Molly Ungs.

Regents Contracts Update

The Procurement Services Team is in the process of completing Regents contracts for Janitorial Supplies, MRO, and Scientific Supplies. These are examples of additional commodities that UNI closely partnered with Iowa State University and The University of Iowa in the award of these Regents contracts. This collaboration will continue in the future as we seek opportunities to work together, combine our buying power, and optimize cost savings opportunities. We are expecting to use iProcurement as the tool for purchasing these contracted items. Using iProcurement allows us to track our purchases and further leverage our combined purchases for even better pricing in the future.

Potential Toner Scam

Procurement Services has been alerted to a “toner scam”. Companies call requesting information on office equipment; ie: copier, fax machine, printers, etc. and offer to sell their product at a reduced rate, however, the product is inferior with pricing more expensive. Often the caller will claim that the toner is free and included in our existing contract, but the fraudulent company will then send an invoice. Toners for campus are provided under the Office Depot iProcurement store. If a call is received from an unfamiliar vendor, pressing to make a sale or asking questions about the office equipment in the department (manufacturers, model numbers, or serial numbers), get the caller's name and phone number and offer to return the call. Please share that information with Jon Westhoff in Procurement Services.

IT Purchases:

Departments looking to purchase computers should use the 'Dell Store' located in iProcurement. Procurement Services and IT negotiated a contract with Dell for standard computer configurations to be used on campus. If a department needs to purchase a computer not listed in the 'Dell Store' in iProcurement, including Apple computers, a request should be submitted in Service Hub for help. Please contact Molly Ungs with additional questions.

Please visit our contracts page or website for additional information.